Quadrocopter With Flamethrower Roasting A Turkey

December 11, 2015


In today's real visions of the future segment, here's a video of a quadrocopter with a flamethrower attached, roasting a turkey and presumably starting a forest fire (previously: the quadrocopter with a gun attached the same guy made). Although it's not so much roasting the turkey as it is soaking it with burning gas. I love the smell of gasoline so much. Nail polish remover too. I have a refined palate. "You have no more brain cells." Well that's what they get for getting in the way of my fumes. "So what's in that handkerchief you keep smelling?" Nothing, just boogers. "Let me see it." You don't want to do that. "GIVE IT TO ME." Fine, take it. "This is a bra!" I vote on the count of three we both walk in opposite directions and pretend this never happened.

Hit the jump for the video, then start weaponizing your quadrocopter before your neighbor weaponizes his first and makes the neighborhood unsafe.

Thanks to Armen, who is already hard at work building an undersea lair where the flamethrowing quadrocopters can't get him.

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