Proof Positive: An Eight Minute Video Explaining Why Jar Jar Binks Is A Sith Lord

December 1, 2015


This is an eight minute video (text version HERE) detailing Redditor Lumpawarroo's theory that Jar Jar Binks is actually a trained Force user, a Sith master, and will have a profound impact on the upcoming Star Wars movies. Is J.J. Abrams really that determined to be hated? Lumpawarroo makes some pretty decent points. "Mesa horny." DON'T TOUCH ME, JAR JAR.

Keep going for the video, then become a believer.

  • Fercho

    How about a big, positive and bullet-proof "No"?

  • Solipsis

    I wrote this on the video but I'm sharing it here because I really cannot stand this 'theory' and how it takes such liberal steps to prove itself correct.

    I'm sorry but as much as this would be an interesting story, you take a lot of leaps in logic and some very farfetched assumptions and it's quite frustrating to see everyone eat it up. It's even worse that you say it's airtight and foolproof'.
    I'll break it down step by step.

    1) Gungans can be acrobatic. Just because until this point we've seen only jedi and sith jump like this, doesn't mean that every species in the universe follows that rule. Jar Jar Binks is quite athletic. It does not mean he has force powers.

    2) Goofy and clumsy doesn't mean he's practicing drunken master. He stumbles around but it doesn't loo like Drunken master. Sure, again it COULD be, but you're making a huge assumption here.
    3) the fall where droids are shooting... This movie is a horribly put-together film. It's more logical that this is just bad cinematography more than a secret hint at a sith lord.
    4) the sleight of hand gestures are one of the most farfetched arguments in this theory. He is using gestures as we all do when we talk. He looks at a character who is talking and suddenly he's using mind control?
    5) The mockery of the force... many do it, another leap. Is Han Solo a secret jedi?
    6) Deleted scene is just that. DELETED. It could've been deleted because of this inconsistency, or the fact that it's just god awful. Another leap.
    7) He says one line about Padme being attractive and he's trying to manipulate Anakin? We'd see more of this than one line to an 8-year old. Another really dumb one.
    8) You cut short the part as Patrick H mentions...
    9) Just because Dooku is shoved into the movie doesn't mean it's a cover-up for a grand scheme....
    10) Many people stand by Palpatine. This is absurd.
    11) Jar Jar is probably being manipulated by Palpatine. It's completely probable that this is the case, not that Jar Jar is a co-conspirator. He's a fucking blubbering idiot, and I'm more inclined to believe that it's why Palpatine took an interest in him. He's super easy to manipulate.
    12) We cannot conclude that Jar Jar is a Phantom Menace. And no, it's not air-tight and fool proof.

  • Jay Koski

    If this or something close to it was originally planned I wish they'd done it, fan input be damned.

  • Matt

    This would have been revealed. Yoda was revealed. Jar Jar was the key. his bumbling and ineptitude kept things moving along. Stop grasping at straws internet! A lot of this is just crummy directing and making JarJar do stuff for no reason.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Let's not forget that Pinky from Pinky and The Brain is allegedly a genius. In the intro song it goes "...Pinky and The Brain, One is a genius, the other's insane...".

    The song never explains who is crazy and who is a genius. Roughly every episode starts with Brain explaining what he's going to, Pinky asking a plausible what-if to suggest a possible failure point on the plan and Brain dismisses it. And... in every episode Brain's plan fails.

    So why doesn't Pinky want to take over the world? Because he's not insane! (FWIW I didn't come up with this theory but I agree completely)

  • Darth Pork

    whoever made this theory possible to plausible, he is making an excellent marketing strategy of star wars!

  • TheQiwiMan

    This would have saved the prequels in my opinion.
    (Except for the horrible child acting.... and crazy-weak dialog..... okay, maybe not "saved", but at least "drastically improved"!)

  • Ed

    How wude!

  • Bling Nye

    I feel like this is how Jesus became deified as the "son of god"... Basically, way after the fact, people are trying to explain how there HAD to be something more driving his actions... When in reality, he was just standing up for something, and Jar Jar was just a fucking idiot.

    Or, y'know... "mythology".

  • stuffsticks

    personally i reckon jesus is the first Superhero... Thnk about it, a bunch of short stories written by some drunks 2000 years ago and hidden in a mountain cave.. yep that sounds exactly like the actions of our modern Otakus

  • Technically, that would be Gilgamesh, Samson, or Beowulf. But, that's just my nerd talking.

  • I sort of want this to be true, but have the feeling that he's giving the writers far more credit than they're due.

  • Ed

    Writers? I'm pretty sure the toy designers made all the decisions in these movies.

  • Bling Nye

    I like the concept; it's very common to have evil "hiding" in plain sight. And what better disguise than bumbling idiot? They're instantly dismissed as trivial.

    If it's true and Lucas caved, that's just shit. I don't think he's subtle enough for that though.

    All the shit in the video is easily explained; the acrobatic jumping--he's part frog, frogs do that kind of shit normally, humans don't; the mind manipulation--no, he's just standing there observing and has no actual influence; the "luck" in battle--you can't have the "comic relief" dying, besides it's no different than how shitty the Stormtroopers are shooting at the heroes in the other movies and they don't die for the same reasons; Jar-jar mocking the Force--he's not force-sensitive and as such mocks what he doesn't understand, much like many other ignorant fools; the feigned surprise at the elevator--he's just fucking stupid and takes that long to process what's going on; giving Palpatine control--that was suggested to him BY Palpatine, who is Darth Sidious which was not mentioned(?) in the video; Sith lords coming in pairs--that's it, just two, master and apprentice = Darth Sidious (Palpatine) and Darth Maul as his apprentice... Maul is killed, so Sidious takes Dooku as his new apprentice... for Jar-Jar to be the Master, that would make Sidious the apprentice and Maul the???.... just, no.

    The video is by no means 'air tight' or as conclusive as the guy thinks.

  • GoodBegetsGood


  • Miguel Calvimonte

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