Oh Right, This Is The Internet: Movie Clips Edited Together To Sing Adele's 'Hello'

December 3, 2015


Because what good would the internet be without stuff like this (basically just Amazon and p0rn as far as I can tell), this is a video of a bunch of movie clips edited together to perform part of Adele's song 'Hello'. Do you like that song? I feel like so many of Adele's songs are about living in the past. I like to live in the FUTURE. If I wrote a song called Hello it would be about a time traveler who came back from the year 3200 to put me in a selective breeding program to ensure men's penises don't evolve away.

Keep going for the video. Also, I think this is the first time I noticed that C-3PO has a droid vagina on the back of his head.

Thanks to Speakerbox, who agrees the internet is going to kill us all one day. Tell me about it, I already have one foot and four toes in the grave. That last pinkie and I'm a goner.

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