Oh, Japan: Sushi That Looks Like Swimming Koi Fish

December 8, 2015


These are several examples of Nishikigoi no Sugatazushi ("Multicolored Koi-Shaped Sushi"), sushi made to look like swimming koi fish. Alternatively, reach your hand in the ocean and bite the head off an actual fish. Watch out for sharks though! The sushi uses ingredients like salmon, sea urchin, egg and seaweed to provide the fish's spotted colors, which are then covered with a thin slice of squid that's been cut in the shape of a swimming koi to give it that realistic fish look. I love sushi but my friends always go to the cheapest places and I always wind up getting sick. It's like they think the sign of good sushi is how bad your diarrhea is at four in the morning. Because if that's the case, they've taken me to all the best sushi restaurants in town.

Keep going for a couple more shots and a video demonstration of how to make your own which opens with 45 seconds of a cat riding around in a basket on a bicycle.



Thanks to RRBAR, who tried to tell me fish gives you boners which is a lie because I've eaten six McDonald's Filet-o-Fishes in a sitting before and there were no boners as far as the eye could see (and I can see all the way to my toes if I suck my stomach in).

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