Oh My!: Video Demonstrating Why No Magnetic Metals Are Allowed Around MRI Machines

December 4, 2015


This is a video from 2010 demonstrating why magnetic metal objects aren't allowed around MRI machines. The machine in this video has a four tesla magnet that was about to be decommissioned, so they decided to do some experiments first. The picture above is of the machine trying to eat an office chair, and pulling with some 1,800 pounds of force. For reference, I can pull with about six pounds of force and always get picked last in tug-o-war. I get picked second to last in kickball, but only if there's somebody on crutches.

Keep going for the video, then close your eyes and imagine Magneto making love to that machine.

Thanks to Daniel D, who heard Magneto has fathered countless electromagnetic babies with MRI machines across the globe.

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