Not Like The Old Days: Automated Carrot Picking Machine

December 28, 2015


This is a video of a Dewulf brand GKIIISE automated carrot-picking machine (in case you're in the market for a carrot-picking machine). It picks the ever-living shit out of carrots, provided those carrots have been planted in perfect rows and not by throwing handfuls of carrot seed in the garden because your pa told you to go plant carrots but you were in a hurry to go fishing with your buddy Johnny down by the railroad tracks. Your pa will send you to bed hungry that night, but your ma will bring you a plate of food and tell you not to tell your father she brought it even though he asked her to because deep down he loves you, he just wants you to act right.

Keep going for the video while I write another episode of The Andy Griffith Show.

Thanks to Christopher, who told me back in his day they had to pick carrots by hand one at a time and they got paid two cents per basketful and you were only allowed to eat four carrots for lunch or they docked your salary a penny.

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