North Carolina Town Rejects Plan For Solar Farm Because It Will Suck Up The Sun And Leave Plants To Die

December 14, 2015


In news that sounds straight out of an Onion article, the North Carolina town of Woodland has rejected plans for a proposed solar power farm in the area, over concerns that the solar cells would suck up too much sun and leave nearby plants starved for light. Here are some quotes from the two all-stars of the public hearing, one of whom was a science teacher. SHE TAUGHT SCIENCE. Those poor students.

Jane Mann said she is a local native and is concerned about the plants that make the community beautiful.

She is a retired Northampton science teacher and is concerned that photosynthesis, which depends upon sunlight, would not happen and would keep the plants from growing. She said she has observed areas near solar panels where the plants are brown and dead because they did not get enough sunlight.

She also questioned the high number of cancer deaths in the area, saying no one could tell her that solar panels didn't cause cancer.

"I want to know what's going to happen," she said. "I want information. Enough is enough. I don't see the profit for the town.

"People come with hidden agendas," she said. "Until we can find if anything is going to damage this community, we shouldn't sign any paper."

Bobby Mann said he watched communities dry up when I-95 came along and warned that would happen to Woodland because of the solar farms.

"You're killing your town," he said. "All the young people are going to move out."

He said the solar farms would suck up all the energy from the sun and businesses would not come to Woodland.

Wow. I don't really know what to say. Jan Mann the retired science teacher has observed dead plants near solar panels AND nobody can tell her solar panels don't cause cancer. That sounds like rock-solid science to me. No word if the school district intends to sue her to get all her paychecks back.

Thanks to TW, who's concerned wind energy farms might steal all the wind and then birds won't be able to fly.

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