My Lair Demands Them: Hanging Animal Nest Style Seats

December 9, 2015


These are several examples of South African designer Porky Hefer's Monstera Deliciosa collection of animal themed nest seats. Each one looks like a different animal and hangs from the ceiling, making all your guests jealous of your sense of style. You know what else you can do to make your guests jealous? Turn the heat up all the way then don't offer them any water. That's a little mind game I like to play whenever I have people over. I've been called a sociopath before, and my mom is usually right.

Keep going for several more examples.








Thanks to Stephanie B, who agrees there's nothing wrong with making all your guests sit on the floor even though you have plenty of seating as long as you disclose that "you don't trust their dirty butts."

  • Bree

    uhhh... First! <--- is that how this works?

    Seriously tho - that puffer fish would look great in my backyard, if I had one. :)

  • shashi

    its spelt 'Furst'. nice effott tho

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