Man Proposes With Custom Lord Of The Rings Lightsaber

December 15, 2015


Dave wanted to propose to his girlfriend in a special way. And what's more special than a custom Lord Of The Rings themed lightsaber? Nothing, that's what. Cross franchise sci-fi/fantasy weaponry is the IN THING right now. My wife could come tell me it's our anniversary today and I would 1. be shocked I have a wife and 2. say that's nice dear but have you seen this Lord Of The Rings lightsaber? It's basically all I can think about right now. The saber, created by Vader's Vault, was built entirely from scratch with a purple glow, sound effects, and love poetry etched in various Middle Earth languages. Dave presented it to his girlfriend on a trip to various Lord Of The Rings filming locations in New Zealand, where she obviously said yes. And how could she not? I've been screaming YES, GOD YES for five minutes now and he didn't even ask me.

Keep going for a couple more pics and an 11-minute video highlighting everything that went into the One Saber.




Thanks to Daniel, who plans on proposing with a Sonic Screwdriver themed lightsaber.

  • German Battiston

    Umm, and where is the actual ring?

  • Jenness

    It has neither laser nor ring. That's a whole lot of romantic effort spent to announce to his future bride "I know how create something important totally half-ass for shittons of money and time then I'll make you feel like a bitch if you point out that you can't use it to cut anything or wear it because I love it and it's all about me."

    Gee thanks you passive-aggressive dickweed geek.

    Bless their hearts.

  • Mary Frances Ka'iulani Burgess

    As a geek girl, this is amazing. A ring could be interpreted like a token of possession."I someone's wife, I belong to someone". She might actually be a huge nerd herself.. I was just thinking if I'd recieved a sailor moon saber for my engagement I'd have been ecstatic. Instead of half-asses to me it shows,"I get your fandom, and I will go to any lengths to show you I support the things you love"

  • Jenness

    I'm totally different. I would have looked at it, tried to burn shit with it, waved it around, messed with it until finally announcing in a defeated tone "This really isn't some elaborate puzzle thing with a ring inside, is it?" Then a nice break-up text would follow saying "Color me Sauron but I was into Lord of the Rings for one reason - the whole 'One ring to rule them all' plot. Henceforth and forevermore all my 'rings' are closed. Yeah, even the one that you said no one ever let you pierce with your short sword before." then a wicked curse in Elvish. Yeah. That's what I'd do!

  • Wonfis

    It's a piece of art...

  • Boy that is a dull video.

  • TheQiwiMan

    You found my leaked sex tape? I thought I... oh, you mean this video.

  • Star Wars is sci-fi? I thought it was little more than glorified space fantasy already.

  • Bling Nye

    Faaaancy dildo.

    Bilbo dildo?

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