It's A Droid!: Pregnant Belly Painted To Look Like BB-8

December 22, 2015


Full disclosure: I got super sick over the weekend and feel like death and am heavily medicated so nothing is going to make any sense, but I'm going to TRY.

This is a shot of Imgurian jmsmith7's wife with her 8-month pregnant belly painted to look like BB-8. I'm just glad BB-8 didn't turn out to be the villain of the movie because then this would be awkward. So, who here has seen the new movie more than twice already? Anybody? I've seen it three times, and was supposed to see another matinee today but I'm too afraid of puking and pooping my pants in the theater. I can't even keep chicken noodle soup down and I've been injecting it.

Thanks to carey, who wants to paint her belly like Oscar The Grouch. Me too, very badly.

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