Illustrated Video Of Every Star Wars Vehicle From The Original Trilogy Drawn To Scale

December 2, 2015


This is a video created using the illustrations of artist Scott Park, featuring all the vehicles from the original Star Wars trilogy in order from smallest to largest. He even included animal mounts. Would you ride a tauntaun? What about a bantha? I want to ride a Rancor. Could you imagine getting a piggyback ride from a Rancor? The kids at school would never pick on me again! "HEY GW -- IS THAT YOUR GIIIIIIIIIRLFRIEND?" I was wrong. I was wrong but my Rancor just ate the everliving shit out of them so it's all good now.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Slipenstein, who bet me to jump on the back of an Ewok and now that Ewok is in the treehouse hospital. My bad.

  • I have read your blog post. Thank you very much for sharing this awesome post. I will visit again to read more post.

  • Matthew Anderson

    The ones in the vid are to scale, but in the pic for the article they are far from it. Made me double(, triple, quadruple)-take too.

  • moedin1

    this is inaccurate and weak-sauce.

  • cyncity

    *Edited* geekologie very often has scale picture-graphs, so this was confusing & misleading to some (Including me). Because of it, I have even yet to see the video to confirm how accurate it is. However, some above comments maybe.

  • whacko

    Some of these ships are the wrong size. And the second Death Star, although unfinished, was larger than the original.

  • You really read my mind.. whacko!

  • Bling Nye

    Slave 1 isn't same size/smaller than an X-wing.

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