I Was Gonna Eat That: Molten Copper Versus Coconut

December 28, 2015


This is a video of Youtuber and molten copper lover Tito4re pouring his favorite liquid metal into a hole in the top of a coconut. What happens? SPOILER: Not a piña colada. The coconut is so well insulated that the copper boils all the coconut water in there and starts cooking the coconut meat inside. Eventually, it all cools down and the copper solidifies into what appears to be a metallic animal turd. Which, for the record, I would not buy if I saw at an art gallery. At least not unless the price was right, and that price would have to be less than the value of the copper itself.

Keep going for the video, then lets start our own Youtube channel where we pour liquid metals into things. ESPECIALLY our mouths.

Thanks to JD, who just poured molten copper in his lap and is really regretting it right now. You do realize that'ss not how you cast your wiener, right?

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