I Call The Death Star: Star Wars Planets Glassware Set

December 3, 2015


This is the $40 Star Wars Planetary Glassware Set available from ThinkGeek. It comes with six 10-ounce glasses including four planets, one moon (Endor) and one space station Luke Skywalker mistook for a moon before Obi-Wan set him straight (the Death Star). The Alderaan glass purposefully looks cracked because, as I'm sure you're aware if you're as into Star Wars as I am, the planet is prone to earthquakes. "No, it's because the Death Star blew it up." Fine, you're a bigger Star Wars fan than me, congratulations.

Keep going for a shot of three of the glasses sitting on a table. Exciting stuff!


Thanks to jess, who dared me to drink some Dagobah swamp water and now I have worms.

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