Hoodie With An Integrated Pouch For Your Cat

December 8, 2015


The Mewgaroo Hoodie (~$50) is a hoodie with a giant pouch on the front for a kitty to curl up in. Also works for small dogs. The pouch has a removeable, washable liner so it doesn't get all funky in there. Plus the hood has little ears and the cuffs have paw pads on them so it makes you look like a cat too! Meow? HISSSSSSS. This is the perfect hoodie to bring your cat to work in. Personally, I've only brought a cat to work once, and that was by accident. You see what happened was, I slept in my car with the windows down the night before (don't ask, I don't want to relive it) and one of the neighborhood cats paid me an unexpected visit. Long story short he was a terrible copilot and I hit two cars and drove into a creek on the way home. We live here now, we are creek people.

Keep going for a couple more shots and a video of a relatively large cat that managed to squeeze his fat ass into the pouch. Also, this article was originally published in May of 2015 but it's going back around the internet again because the internet likes recycling things because that makes it feel like it's doing its part to help prevent climate change.






Thanks to SpecialElixer, which I absolutely must drink right now, whatever the consequences. Just give it to me.

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