Flying Spaghetti Monster Spotted Off Coast Of Africa

December 31, 2015


This is some video footage from an unmanned deep sea submersible of what appears to be the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Of course it's not actually the Flying Spaghetti Monster, but a siphonophore. What the hell is a siphonophore? A quote to refresh your memory while I practice getting shot out of a cannon one last time before tonight's big performance:

[Siphonophores are] an eerily fantastic creature that appears to be a single, large organism, but which is actually a colony of numerous individual jellyfish-like animals that behave and function together as a single entity. The individual units, called zooids, all share the same genetic material and each perform a specialized role within the colony. The best-known siphonophore is the poisonous Portuguese Man o' War.

Pretty freaky, right? I'm not sure what Mother Nature was thinking when she invented these things, but I suspect it was along the lines of, "But let me take some acid first." FUN FACT: Seahorses, narwhals, platypuses and giraffes were all created while she was high.

Keep going for the video, then leave your New Year's plans in the comments so I know what we're getting into tonight after my human cannonball stunt (that's at 10).

Thanks to Davie, who wants to be reincarnated as a deep sea siphonophore because...actually I have no clue why. What's the matter with you?

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