Flying Spaghetti Monster Spotted In Tangled Earbuds

December 8, 2015


Because this is the internet (and the internet died with MySpace), here's the Flying Spaghetti Monster spotted in a pair of tangled earbuds. It's the Pastafarian equivalent of spotting Jesus's face in your burnt toast/Cheeto/microwaveable meatloaf. Although -- if you spot the Flying Spaghetti Monster IN your spaghetti dinner, how are you supposed to know if its just his image or if you're actually about to eat your god, possibly with a piece of garlic bread. Man, I love garlic bread. My girlfriend doesn't though because it makes my breath smell but that's never really an issue because she's make believe anyways so it really only comes up when I'm playing pretend at night due to the crushing loneliness. In my mind she asks me sleep facing away from her which actually works out because it makes it easier to pretend somebody's really there. I could use a hug.

Thanks to Dan, who doesn't believe in meatballs.

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