Finally: Star Wars Gets The Bad Lip Reading Treatment

December 17, 2015


"Stay nasty."

Just in time for the new movie's release, these are three bad lip reading videos from the original Star Wars trilogy. They're definitely worth checking out, and if they made full length movies like this I would watch them. I like R2-D2's voice, he sounds like a little kid. It reminds me of Gortys in Tales From The Borderlands. Maybe they're related? I wish you and I were related. Then we could hang out together at family functions and make fun of everyone else. People do that, right? That would be fun, wouldn't it? Haha, look at grandpa -- he is so OLD. What are we all here for anyways, another intervention?

Keep going for all three videos, then watch them all on the clock because Star Wars is infinitely more important than not getting fired.

Thanks to Allyson, who's a restaurant server and wears earplugs and tries to lip read everybody's orders and always brings the wrong things.

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