Finally: Create Your Own Star Wars Style Opening Crawl

December 23, 2015


There's an online app over at that allows you to create your own opening crawl, just like in the movies! This is the one I made for Episode 69. Sounds like a pretty cool movie, right? I called J.J. to see if he wanted to collaborate on Episode 8 but the person on the other line told me 1. there's no J.J. Abrams that works at J.J's Pizza (I used the yellow pages) but 2. I could get a large two topping pizza, breadsticks and a 2-liter of Coke for $13.99. TL;DNR: pepperoni and jalapenos.

Thanks to Mikael, who refused to show me his crawl, presumably because it was erotic in nature. Hey, I almost went there too.

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