Finally, A Self-Propelled Robot For Inspecting Your Colon

December 29, 2015


A colonoscopy is traditionally performed by a doctor manually controlling the depth of the colonoscope (the tube with the camera on the end that's in your anus) by hand. But now scientists at the Okayama University & Tokyo Institute of Technology have developed a self-propelled inchworm style robot that can climb up your butt all by itself. I bet that feels amazing. No word if the robot is capable of breaching your anus on its own, but I assume the doctor has to at least give it a head start. Can you imagine if the doctor just set the robot on your leg and told you it would find it's way in your butt on its own? Because I can. I can also imagine myself running down the street bare-assed in a hospital gown screaming, "Terminator Salvation! Terminator Salvation!"

Keep going for a brief video, then ask yourself what happens if it doesn't want to leave after the procedure is over.

Thanks to me, for doing that colon cleanse between Thanksgiving and Christmas and losing five pounds. I look and feel great.

  • nedesem

    I've seen enough hentai to see where this is going...

  • Martin Ruby

    This is somehow ayer than cum on a mustache O_o

  • This can only end well.
    Like I don't have enough problems sleeping.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Come on, Japan. At least make the practice dummy a LITTLE more accurate, by attaching a 2.5 inch micro-penis on it, that no one will ever see because it's hidden in 12 inches of jet black bush.

    ..... Like a button on a fur coat.

  • I was dumbfounded until I read Tokyo in the article. Then it was just like..."Yep, Japan."

    Version 2.0 will have suction cups and automatically target all of your orifices.

  • Gene Kaufman

    Do I still have to drink that awful crap?
    If so then this means nothing to me...

  • Sam E

    I feel you. Prep is hell.

  • Bling Nye

    That's some cool ass shit.

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