Epic Meal Time's 70,000 Calorie BB-8 Droid Beef Ball

December 15, 2015


This is an Epic Meal Time special in which the crew builds a 70,861 calorie, 5,116 grams of fat BB-8 droid. It's predominately ground beef and egg, with some mozzarella, bacon, hotdogs and cheeseburgers used for the detailing. I think I would eat it. "In one sitting?" Don't be ridiculous -- two sittings. One for my initial attack, then another after medics find me dead on the floor and have to bring me back to life. That will be my thermal exhaust port run where I really go for the kill.

Keep going for this video, as well as one for the crispy tauntaun they made back in 2012.

Thanks to DM, who always wanted to know what Watto would taste like.

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