Disney Builds 4-Wheel Robot That Can Climb Walls

December 29, 2015


This is a video demonstration of the VertiGO wall-climbing robot car designed by Disney and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. It can drive around just like a normal car, but also climb walls thanks to the two propellers on its back that provide thrust and keep it pressed against the wall's surface. Pretty clever. Not very clever? My roommate drinking the last of my chocolate milk then trying to replace it with water and chocolate powder. So if anyone asks, that's why he's duct-taped to his computer chair with a sock in his mouth right now. "MmmmmmMM!" Hold on, I think he wants to say something. Yes, Derek? "MmmmMMM MmmmMMM!" What's that? You said it's not a sock, it's my dirty underwear? Well what do you know! I must have mistaken it for a sock the same way you mistook that chocolate milk for your own.

Keep going for the video of Wall-E 2.0 and then wonder why they didn't just make the propellers big enough for it to fly and not need to drive up walls.

Thanks to Keith-3Y0, who may or may not think he's a droid. Somebody smack him with a wrench. And to Geoff, who is definitely not a droid.

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