Darth Vader And R2-D2 Women's Thigh-High Stockings

December 4, 2015


They're not actually thigh-highs, they're just made to look like they are. They are full tights. $20 gets you a pair of both Darth Vader and R2-D2. They're the perfect stockings for letting everyone know that yes, you've seen Star Wars before. Or for tricking people into thinking you've seen Star Wars before. I have only seen the second one (The Wrath Of Khan?). Ever since I was a kid I've never really watched movies, I've always played video games. But I gauge all the time I've spent playing video games on the number of full-length movies I could have watched instead. For instance, right now I'm about 37 movies deep into Fallout 4 and I'll probably do another two or three tonight. It's Friday, I'm gonna get wild.

Keep going for closeups.



Thanks to Rebecca, who's holding out for Jawa and Admiral Ackbar stockings.

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