Couple Builds LEGO Mindstorm Set To Ice Holiday Cookies

December 15, 2015


This is the EV3 Cookie Icing Machine built by LEGO loving couple Jason and Kristal of JK Brickworks. It can ice holiday cookies with star, angel and snowflake designs. You can follow their directions to build the same set for yourself HERE. Alternatively, learn how to ice cookies by hand. That's what I did and now I eat so much icing my blood is half colored sugar. I tried to sell myself to the grocery store as a human icing bag but the manager asked me to leave. You know the real problem with making cookies is you have to make at least 4x as many as you were going to so when you're done snacking on the dough and icing you still have enough left over to bake. That is just a fact. So is that I recently had to get the island in my kitchen removed because I couldn't get around it anymore.

Hit the jump for a couple closeups and a short fake infomercial.



Thanks to Nothing But The Best, who agrees the best holiday cookies are the ones with Hershey Kisses on top that make them look like little elf hats.

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