Company Selling Pre-Fab Hobbit Hole Homes That Can Be Assembled In Three Days

December 7, 2015


Green Magic Homes is a company that manufactures per-fabricated shells that can be used to build Hobbit-hole style homes. The shells can be assembled by as few as three people in in three days, making them the perfect choice for a person who needs a new home RIGHT NOW. Plus the Hobbit-holes are eco-friendly and super customizable for those of you who need OPTIONS. Me? I just need enough space to lay my head at night. Okay, and a man-cave with a nice entertainment center. And, shit, can I get a chef's kitchen? Also I've always dreamed of building a bathroom big enough to have an echo so I can talk to my make-believe far-away self while I'm on the potty. I can't help it, I know how to have fun. "Your brain is mush." That too I'm sure.

Keep going for several more shots of the possibilities.





Thanks to Sam The Slammer, who wants to live in that rabbit hole that Alice went down. Heck yeah, bring me one of those shrinking potions.

  • Coppertop

    How long will Off-gassing occur with this product? Thank You, Deb

  • Yvonne Serrano

    how much do they go for?

  • Daniel McKinney

    I would like to know the overall lifespan of this new product. I'm quite enthusiastic for this and would be happy to see how diverse these become.

  • Janette Warren

    What is your website? How do we stay in touch with the Hobbit home people?

  • Janette Warren

    I love this! So can you put in a video on how to dig the hole and all the steps to get the home inside the earth!?

  • Marky Boy Burrows

    How much do they cost???

  • WriterDude

    I really need one of these, and I But might I enquire, where is the swimming pool?

  • Ann

    this looks like a huge Ice cube. Freeze to death in the winter. Even with the ground above it. The earth freezes deeper then this so it would be a ice block

  • Gwen Hawkins

    I would welcome more information about a hobbit home

  • Hexie Mefford

    How much?

  • Jim Durst

    They weren't very revealing with prices, but I finally found one site that said they are approximately $41.74 per sq. ft.

  • Curtis Mullin

    It'd be great if this could be made out of Hempcrete! Cheers.

  • Rusty Kolp

    I think this is a wonderful idea ! Going to have to check this out further. The only thing I can see wrong is the display of comments that have nothing to do with idea but show how far hatred has spread across America .

  • Lisa Kehrer Westbrook

    everywhere, just not America. :(

  • Jim Durst

    I agree.

  • Please! Hobbits are so discriminated against! How many places have "No shoes, no service." That's totally speciesist!

  • Jay Dillon

    Yes! I'm getting on your mailing list. I wanted to live in such a hole for decades ever since reading The Hobbit in grade school.

  • Steve

    count me in

  • David McCloud

    how much?

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