Bring It Back: Coca-Cola Renews Ecto Cooler Trademark

December 1, 2015


I collected all those Hero Caps, I really did.

Coca-Cola recently filed to renew its Ecto Cooler trademark, possibly due to the new Ghostbusters movie coming out, or possibly due to why the hell wouldn't they? If they didn't renew it, I would, and I would bring back one of the best 10% juice drinks ever made. Only mine would be brewed with drugs to get everybody hooked on it, and I would make a fortune. "The FDA would never stand for that." The FDA doesn't have to know. *winks, slides $5 bill across table." There's more where that came from. "I sure f***ing hope so." Well I was kidding, that's all I've got.

Thanks to Closet Nerd, who's allegedly been holding on to a six-pack of Ecto Cooler juice boxes for a special occasion. Mmmm, I hope it's sludgy.

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