Because Star Wars: Lightsaber Fork Spoon And Knife Set

December 7, 2015


Because I'm convinced it's somebody's (and possibly multiple people's) job to make sure every product is available with a Star Wars theme, this is the $15 Star Wars Lightsaber Flatware Set available from ThinkGeek. Just to be clear though, $15 only gets you a single set (one Luke fork, Yoda spoon and Darth Vader knife). So everybody else is going to have to use the 20-piece flatware set you bought from IKEA for $8. That's what I use, it works fine. Sure they rust if you leave them soaking in the sink for too long, but so what, people twenty years ago didn't even have forks and knives. Unfortunately, this lightsaber flatware isn't dishwasher safe, so that's probably something to consider unless you do all your dishes by hand anyways because you don't have a dishwasher since the landlord removed it because it kept leaking because you kept trying to rig it to operate with the door open because you wanted to see how it works inside. And that's why there aren't any famous inventors living in my apartment right now.

Thanks to Alex, who eats with his hands whenever he gets the chance because why wash more things than you have to.

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