Amazon Releases Another Video Of Its Future Prime Air 30-Minute Drone Delivery Service

December 1, 2015


This is a new video from Amazon starring English broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson (of Top Gear fame) detailing the company's future Amazon Prime Air delivery service, which promises drone delivery of packages under 5-pounds in 30 minutes or less (previous video from 2013 HERE). Amazon says the service will still take some time to roll out, but will be ready to go as soon as they have "the regulatory support needed to realize our vision." I assume that vision is not me trying to shoot all my neighbors' packages out of the sky. I still can't even believe they're moving forward with this, I feel like it's going to be disaster after disaster. Still, stranger things have happened. "You got to see boobs?" Not just see, I got to touch them! They were not as mushy as I thought they'd be. Plus she said my hands were cold so it only lasted a second.

Keep going for the video, then tell Amazon the drones should also be able to pick up returns because I am genius and I came up with that. Just kidding, I'm dumb.

Thanks to everyone who sent this, who can expect their package smashed, dented, and a day late just like in the good ol' days.

  • RetroPAT

    I'm wondering why they're thinking this would many things will go wrong for sure...and is there really a need for it? I personally thing technology isn't quite there yet. Too many nerds with too much funding and free time. Anyways, can't wait to see all the videos on YouTube of people shooting them down to steel the packages, hopefully they get more than a big ass dildo.

  • Brad Walton

    Jeremy Clarkson!!!

  • The_Wretched

    I'm looking forward to drone hunting season.

  • TheQiwiMan

    So many disapproving comments, and I'm just sittin here excited about the potential of living in a world with delivery drones flyin all over the place.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I'm excited about the idea of a quadrotor gyrocopter that's also a helicopter. Brilliant design. Although I'm not sure if qualifies as a gyrocopter because it also has fixed wings and I don't think the vertical thrust rotors autorotate when it's flying forward...

  • Tyguy

    What a waste of money

  • Jeremy Clarkson is now owned by Amazon - that's the price you pay.

  • GeneralDisorder

    He's not talking about cars or driving like an idiot. I don't approve.

  • Darkmeteor

    I can see so many stolen/destroyed drones/parcels in the future.

  • And guess what, these things can't fly well or not at all during inclement weather, now imagine that while carrying a box. So much as a gust of wind can blow them down, and that's not even considering rain, snow, etc. It would have to be a very large drone to make an accurate and successful delivery.

  • John Samuel αΩ

    They can do a lot to mitigate this. Most obviously, the drones will have GPS and cameras so they can be tracked down and collect evidence of any tampering. Most likely they will also not land if anyone is within the landing zone. Lastly, they have your credit card on file if you do anything to the drone.

    Still, there's nothing to stop some kid from flying his drone up into the air like a missile and crashing it into the Amazon drone. It all depends on how good its "sense and avoid" tech really is.

  • timeiskey

    youd be surprised how amazing auto avoidance software is.

  • Ollie Williams

    I'd let Jeremy Clarkson punch me in the face if it meant bringing Top Gear back on the BBC.

  • They are bringing Top Gear back - next May apparently - but without Clarkson, Hammond or May.

  • Ollie Williams

    The trio were signed up by Amazon for a new Top Gear-esque show coming to the US. I can't wait. I may check out the new Top Gear on BBC when it comes out, but I am skeptical it'll be as entertaining or that I'll enjoy it as much as the original team. They all just had such great chemistry. Humerous guys who got along great + amazing cinematography is what brought me to the show. It'll take a lot to get that back.

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