Alton Brown Reviews Amazon's Worst Kitchen Gadgets

December 14, 2015


This is a video of Alton Brown reviewing some of Amazon's worst 'unitasker' kitchen gadgets. Unitaskers are gadgets created to do only a single job, and usually a job that someone doesn't NEED a gadget to perform. I like Alton Brown because he combines cooking with SCIENCE. He explains what's happening on a molecular level when you're cooking. I think that's fascinating. Like right this second SCIENCE THINGS ARE HAPPENING to my SpaghettiO's in the microwave. Granted I don't understand what, but that's because I'm not that smart and always though it was the light in the microwave that cooked food.

Keep going for the video, and, despite what anybody says, it really is exhilarating watching the egg tube rise out of a Rollie.

Thanks to Shane, who agrees the only two kitchen gadgets you really need are a knife and a fire.

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