Playboy's Star Wars Themed 90's Sex Line Commercial

December 15, 2015


This is a video from Playboy starring Sara Jean Underwood in a Star Wars themed 90's sex chat line commercial. I actually know guys who would 100% spend 3 Galactic Credits a minute to talk to a girl pretending to be a Jedi. Hell, I know guys who would pay 7 or 8 galactic credits a minute to talk to a girl pretending to be a Jedi. "GW....are you one of those guys?" What? No. You know what I like. "RAAAWR!" Ooohlala. *shivers* Here's a dollar, do it again.

Keep going for the commercial.

Thanks to Miles G, who apparently works for Playboy but has never once gotten me into a sexy party.

  • Zachary Zarko

    I'm pretty sure the one at 30 seconds is a trap.

  • That was disturbing.
    I have to bleach my eyes now.

  • I love the Interweb!

  • Genghis

    If it were from anyone else (except Dan Rather, of course), we'd just say they made a mistake and meant to say "90s *style* ad". But fuck GW, amirite?

  • Genghis

    At best SJU would've been like 15 in the 90s.

  • Yeah something isn't adding up. She was boring in 84. So like you said, she'd have been 15 in 1999.

    EDIT: Oh I see, it was edited to look like it was recorded from a bad VHS tape in the early 90's. You can find her "lost auditions" for Star Wars here (no nudity):

    They should have marketed the lost audition footage first, it's actually pretty amusing.

  • Meh


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