377 Feet Under 11-Inch Bars: 7-Year Old Sets New Roller Skate Limbo World Record

December 30, 2015


This is a video of 7-year old Tiluck Keisam from Manipur, India, setting the new world record for longest distance traveled under limbo sticks 35cm (~14-inches) or lower (his were set at 28cm, ~11-inches), skating an amazing 116 meters (~377 feet), nearly doubling the previous record of 60 meters set in June. Fun fact: I love roller skating. I have a pair of skates made for the road and I just get out there with my earbuds in and skate my heart out. I have a friend who lives in Venice Beach and she started a roller skating crew but they wouldn't let me in because it's a girls only club and they saw right through my wig and booty shorts. I thought I looked good though.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Tyler, who just set the world record for most limbo poles knocked over trying to roller skate limbo with a grand total of all of them.

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