3-Year Old Girl's Princess Chewbacca Birthday Cake

December 11, 2015


3-year old Star Wars fan Sophie requested a Princess Chewbacca birthday cake for her birthday. This is that cake. Apparently her parents went several places to get the toy made into a cake but everywhere they went wouldn't do it, presumably because their cake makers aren't that talented. Thankfully family friend Jessica came to the rescue, and, based on the job she did, I'm confused whey they didn't just ask her in the first place. That's like having a skilled mechanic in your family but deciding to try to fix your car yourself by crashing it into things. "It's nothing like that." No, and that doesn't work either, trust me. More stuff just breaks off.

Keep going for two more shots, including the birthday girl in her Star Wars dress.



Thanks to Flaming Hot Cheetos, who helped me discover a cut on my lip.

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