WTF Was That?: Star Wars Duracell Battery Commercial

November 6, 2015


Note: If you haven't already seen the Japanese trailer for The Force Awakens with EXTRA SCENES, go watch that over at IWatchStuff.

Because what good is a movie everybody is excited about if you can't use it to sell batteries, this is a Star Wars themed Duracell commercial. It features a young boy and his sister battling stormtroopers with Duracell powered lightsabers. The parents' dialogue was especially hard to watch. Still, I like how at the end it shows that the pretend stormtroopers they were battling were really a bunch of those inflatable snowmen decorations people put in their front yard. That made it all worth it. I only wish they'd popped one and their parents yelled at them.

Keep going for the commercial.

Thanks to Mike T, who only trusts the batteries from that little pink alien with the drum and cool shades. "It's a bunny." WHAT?!

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