WTF Is That?!: Watching A Devil's Fingers Fungus Bloom

November 13, 2015


In further proof that fungi came from outerspace, this is a video of a Devil's Fingers fungus (Clathrus archeri, aka Octopus Fungus) blooming. It looks like an alien egg hatching. And when fully bloomed, it looks like an alien's vagina. "I don't know what kind of alien vaginas you've been seeing." THE REAL KIND. I know alien vaginas like the back of my hand. Whoa, I never noticed there was a freckle there. "You need to cut your fingernails." I know, but I broke my clippers trying to cut the nail on my big toe a couple days ago. That thing gets so gnarly it was like trying to cut a tooth, and my nail clippers just finally said f*** it and snapped in half. You wanted to hear this story, don't even act like you didn't.

Keep going for the video, which hails from Australia like you didn't already know.

Thanks to whoever posted this on Facebook, let me buy you a drink this weekend. You like ice water, right?

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