Vroom Vroom Kabloom: Yamaha Developing Motorcycle-Riding Robot To Be Better Than Humans

November 3, 2015


This is a video introducing MotoBot, a robot that Yamaha is developing to ride motorcycles better than the best human racers. Why? I'm not sure. Presumably to terrify people. Could you imagine this thing pulling up next to you at a stop light WITH A GUN FOR AN ARM? I would shit my pants so hard. Then I'd casually roll down the window but my parents will totally smell it and be all, "Son, did you have another accident?" I will cry and say that I did and they'll stop at the closest gas station. My mom will give me a change of underwear and I'll have to waddle inside the store and ask for the bathroom key on a stick then go to the bathroom and carefully take my shorts off and flip my underwear inside-out into the toilet. I'll wrap them in a wad of paper towels and stuff them in the bottom of the trashcan (trying to flush them usually causes an overflow). Then I'll put my freshies on and wash my hands and buy a flavored condom and a French Tickler out of the coin-operated machines in the bathroom even though I know I'll never use them besides playing with them alone under the sheets with a flashlight. The end.

Keep going for a video and the robot's scary robot-child voice.

Thanks to Greg M, who just wants to ride in a sidecar.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I'm not alarmed yet. When this thing starts tearing up the X games and doing stunts with Travis Pastrana, I'm gonna check out. Until then there's still hope that we can run or hide from the robot death squad.

  • Easily NOT causing waves of terror amongst a baffled populace who experiences life only via the interwebs... (Not me though man. I love ridin', so why not let the freaky little robots go have a good time, I say! Better than teachin' 'em to blow us up according to commands from the wealthy...)

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  • Wow, I think I finally understand why all ye robits talk the way the one in the film did! It's the conflagration of misplaced apostrophical quotes, isn't it?!? ASCII error, yo...

  • craig37f .

    They had those in Terminator Salvation.

  • It has stabilisers.
    Also, nice story GW.

  • Brad Walton

    Self driving cars make me nervous, but I can't wait to ride bitch behind an actual robot. It changes everything. I want Tesla to put a robot in the driver's seat. I just don't like the idea of being inside a robot...well, you know what I mean.

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