Two Fencers Perform Choreographed Lightsaber Duel At The 2015 Fencing Senior World Championships

November 12, 2015


This is a video of two fencers performing a choreographed lightsaber duel at the 2015 Fencing Senior World Championships. It's weird to think of seniors fencing, I always imagined they'd be more into jousting on account of their wheelchairs and all. "Not that kind of senior." WHATEVER. This is basically the opposite of that couple's lightsaber battle first dance at their wedding. Now, what do you say you and I take two of the 4-foot fluorescent bulbs out of the fixture above my cubicle and show my coworkers what a real Jedi battle looks like? *waving hand* "What are you doing?" I'm trying to Jedi mind trick you into saying yes! "But why does it smell?" Okay yeah I was really just trying to fan a fart away.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to camcamcam, who's trying to build a lightsaber that's rainbow colored and points the way to hidden leprechaun gold.

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