Toddler Sings Star Wars Imperial March To Herself In Crib

November 12, 2015


This is a short video of Jonathan Liu's 2.5-year old daughter singing the Star Wars Imperial March to herself in her crib at night. Apparently they had just watched the original trilogy over the past few nights and it stuck with her, and they didn't just put her up to it like I would have for all the Youtube clicks. That is impressive. When I was 2.5 I wasn't singing anything in my crib, I was trying to climb out so I could go poop on the carpet in the corner and not in my diaper. You know what they say -- don't shit where you sleep. "It's don't shit where you EAT." What -- really?! I will never stop eating on the can.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to MS, redbucket and Elizabeth, who use baby monitors to keep an eye on the fridge at night and make sure their roommates aren't stealing their pudding packs.

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