There Were No Survivors: This Python Ate A Porcupine

November 24, 2015


These are photos of the aftermath of a 12-foot South African python that tried to swallow a 30-poud porcupine. Thankfully, I can honestly say I have never been that hungry before. I don't even think I've ever been 2-pound porcupine hungry.

A week after these photos were taken, park rangers found it dead. Apparently, it had fallen off a ledge. But why would that kill a snake? When the rangers opened the snake up, they discovered the answer.

It had eaten a 30 pound porcupine, whose quills probably pierced its digestive tract in the fall, and killed it.

Wait -- the snake fell off a ledge? That sounds very un-snakelike of it. And if it hadn't fallen off that ledge it could have passed this porcupine? This whole story sounds a little fishy to me. I suspect FOUL PLAY. It was you, Mr. Buffalo, wasn't it?! "He ate my friend!" I knew it! *packing Sherlock bubble pipe with soap water* Well, I think my work is done here, boys.

Keep going for two more shots, including one of the porcupine removed from the snakes stomach, which you can see riddled with quills. You can see more shots of the porcupine being cut out HERE if you're into that.



Thanks to Lucinda, who has never been willing to risk her life to eat something, especially not two for one apps at some crappy national chain restaurant.

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