The End Nears: Autonomous Drone Demonstrates Its Obstacle Avoidance System

November 6, 2015


This is a video of the autonomous drone that MIT PhD student Andrew Berry programmed with some custom obstacle avoidance software. The drone uses stereo cameras to see and avoid obstacles in its flight path, at speeds up to 30MPH. From the drone's point of view it kind of looks like playing Star Fox in real life. Also, if a single person can come up with an autonomous drone that works so well, can you imagine what the government must have? I'll tell you what the government has: so many problems it can barely stand on its own two feet, and it doesn't help that those two feet are actually wooden dildos.

Hit the jump for the demonstration video.

Thanks to JD, who agrees if autonomous drones are legal, then home-mounted laser rifle turrets should be too.

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