Thanks, Internet: Peacock Spiders Waving Lightsabers

November 5, 2015


Because this is what the internet was made for, here's is a video of peacock spiders edited to have little lightsabers in their hands. One couple even do battle! Was that a male and a female that were going to have sex? NO CLUE. I'm not really well versed in spider mating habits. I'll leave somebody else to be the expert on that. Blogger mating habits? I know all about those. You try really hard but the female always chooses a smarter, funnier, more muscular mate. You produce no offspring and your genes aren't carried anywhere except down the shower drain and into the sewer system. "Yeah, about that -- please stop masturbating in the shower." WHATEVER, LEONARDO, YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME. "Do what he says." Yes, Master Splinter.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to David D, who tried to tell me humans evolved from spiders but the ability to shoot silk out of our butts evolved to just regular going to the bathroom. Well that sucks.

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