Student Snapchat-Documents Her Math Teacher Trying To Hit On Another Teacher, Crashing And Burning

November 18, 2015


This is the series of Snapchat photos that 16-year old Sydney took of her math teacher Mr. T (but not that Mr. T, the real Mr. T would pity this fool) trying to hit on another teacher. Apparently the female teacher mentions her great boyfriend several times before Mr. T abandons hope and returns to loudly typing at his computer. I imagine after class he angrily tore that 'For Success, Attitude Is As Important As Ability' banner down before going to puke in the boy's bathroom.

Keep going for the entire interaction.









Thanks to DR, who agrees Mr. T failed to solve for x in this equation.

  • Shaun Jones

    the comments are incoherent cancer, somehow shes a whore? lol somehow saying the teachers hot defines WHICH teacher... one dude clearly thinks the female teacher is the one somehow taking these photos and he shouldnt be humiliated lol dafuq?

  • icelated

    This is downright horrible. Why are people documenting and berating people from being interested in someone else? She doesn't know he was hitting on her. Maybe it wasn't the right place, but crap like this is why men fear asking woman out. Why publicly humiliate someone. This woman is trash.

  • Shaun Jones

    wrong place wrong time, he shouldnt be hitting on someone in school time, especially as a fucking teacher jesus christ xD oh she knew, she made it clear lol how is this woman trash? what the fuck are you talking about xD

  • icelated

    You have a valid point. However publicly humiliating someone is never okay.

  • NOT-retarded

    I dunno about you guys.... but I think when she started messaging on the iPad when he turned around... they were downlow talking to each other on the computer. "Not in front of the kids!!!!!" "Sorry bae, I was just playing. What time we gonna get together later?" "Whenever. I'm gonna jump you so hard once we get outta the parking lot."

    NOTICE HOW HARD HE'S STARING AT THE SCREEN..... she either just said "it's on the kids leave," or "there's something naughty on that screen."

  • Shaun Jones

    your username is sarcastic... right?

  • NOT-retarded

    Do you routinely comment on 6month old posts and proceed to pick fights? I'd imagine most people that commented when this was FRESH were just screwing around. I know I was. Get a grip, and stop being an internet crusader. Good day to you.

  • Prometeo

    The teacher is pretty hot!

  • Shaun Jones

    which teacher? xD theyre both teachers lol

  • iofo61

    I know, right? He can totally do better than her. She looks like an extra from the Jersey Shore.

  • Prometeo

    In this case, Jersey Whore!

  • Jenness

    Why do they allow cell phones in class? Seriously - I couldn't even chew gum. No wonder so many students have serious issues. They are allowed to escape the reality of now for the fake world social media where they talk about living lives they don't actually have.

  • Shaun Jones

    yeah but.. does it look like those teachers give a fuck about teaching anyone? xD

  • JJtoob

    They also have iPads with the whole keyboard case and headphones. That's how it is these days.

  • Meh

    I don't get it, why didn't he just film the whole thing?

  • Irina Abramovich

    Because it is made up.

  • Ryan Gallagher

    bc snapchat makes it real easy to add captions

  • JJtoob

    Are the captions always so annoyingly in the middle?

  • DR

    He means it's unreal. Which is what he says. Since i is imaginary, and not a real number.
    But you're also right! Math burn!

  • skittles

    she, not he

  • But it's math though.

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