So Thaaaat's What I'm Doing: Fallout 4's Launch Trailer

November 6, 2015


This is Fallout 4's official launch trailer. It provides much more insight into what you'll actually be trying to accomplish in the game. Apparently The Institute, that mysterious advanced technology organization plays a major role, because they've created near human-like androids ("synths"), and a lot of humans aren't happy about it. Still, regardless of what I'm SUPPOSED to be doing, I can guarantee I'm gonna spend the majority of my time eating as many squirrel-on-a-sticks as I can and trying to bang a super mutant. I have priorities.

Keep going for the video, pretty sweet tree-house around the 0:27 mark. I'll definitely be spending some time there.

  • Awesome!

  • Vixenvena

    I can't wait! I can't wait! Female Character too!

  • ToyBoxofGuns

    Goddammit, I thought I could wait to play this and now I can't. Great, so I'm going to spending a few hundred bucks this weekend upgrading.

  • cabbo

    From this moment I'm just waiting for Obsidian's next Fallout game. The characterless voice acting doesn't exactly fill me with hope. In fact the whole trailer had a kind of heartless contrivance to it.

    Hopefully this is just pre-wedding jitters.

  • ToyBoxofGuns

    You're allowed to be wrong, we all have our paths in life.

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  • ToyBoxofGuns

    I have no clue what's happening here, but I think you need a doctor.

  • afterooster

    It's a Synth

  • Toastrider

    It helps if you read it in Chris Farley's 'motivational speaker' voice. "I live -- in a van -- by the river!"

  • PUNX

    Friggin' awesome, cannot wait... did I mention 11/10 is my bday, happy bday to me......

  • Soylent Green Is People

    So you'll be turning 13? Hahaha. I'm kidding. Happy 14th birthday, bro.

  • TyDurd

    Another Bethesda game I will put hundreds of hours into and never finish thanks to AD.. ooo! something shiny!

  • TyDurd

    I can confirm two years later that I haven't completed the game due to my constant aimless wandering.

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