So, It's Come To This: Russian Martial Arts School Teaches How To Fight With A Selfie Stick

November 19, 2015


Let's be honest: if you're constantly carrying an extended selfie stick, chances are somebody is going to want to beat you up. Enter the M-Profi Combat Sports Center in Moscow, which has allegedly developed a new style of martial art called monopod fighting, which teaches students how to effectively whack somebody with a selfie stick. Sweep the leg -- no mercy.

A trained monopodist responds to an attacker by smashing the selfie stick into vulnerable areas, such as the groin or throat, or uses it to trip, entangle, or throw an opponent to the ground.

Is this really a NEW fighting technique though? I mean, it's just a stick. People have been fighting with sticks since the beginning of time. They were probably the first weapons ever used. Sticks or rocks. Still, a selfie stick does have the advantage of helping you take cool pictures of yourself after defeating an opponent. Hey -- want to see a pic of me standing on a guy's face?

Keep going for a video of the fighting technique that's absolutely not sweeping any nation.

Thanks to GreenLady, who wants to learn how to fight with just a smartphone.

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