So, It's Come To This (And I Want Out): Clip-In Man Buns

November 11, 2015


Groupon (of all places) is selling these clip-in man buns for men who want hair buns but don't have the hair or know-how. They're allegedly a $65 value (AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA) but only $10 if you act now. Over 5,000 have already been bought, presumably as gag gifts or I don't want to live on this planet anymore. Just kidding, I bought one. Well -- what do you think? "Maybe not on your penis." It's too late I already glued it.

Keep going for two more shots in case you were wondering just how ridiculous a person can look.



Thanks to Gabby, who agrees the only cool kind of man buns are the kind Tina Belcher likes.

  • DrZanz

    I would be ashamed to even model one of these... Who the fuck has ever seen a man with a REAL bun, let alone a fake one...?

    I love how the second guy has a moustache and the biggest sideburns this side of pre-war england to try and emphasise that these are for 'men'.


  • Jenness

    If a bunch of dorks can hack Ashley Madison then I demand another group of more advanced geeks hack this database and publish the names of these customers.

    1) At least this has more chance of having real people and not spam bots or fake profiles created by angry exes trying to break people up

    2) These people pose more of a risk and might actually use this product, unlike AM where it was mostly curious trolls seeing who would be dumb enough to invite bunny boilers, AIDS, STD's, rapists into their lives so carelessly putting themselves and their entire families at risk.

    3) There is nothing wrong with men looking like men - and I'm kind of sick of the whole "Let's all cut our dicks off and be chicks like Bruce Jenner because men can now get Woman of the Year awards for being bad fathers, killing old ladies in car wrecks, destroying families and helping screw up a bunch of kids so much they turned into the Kardashian sisters" Ok now I am just ranting about how pissed I am Bruce fucking Jenner rec'd a Woman of the Year award because that's insane.

  • TheQiwiMan

    My farts are a $65 value. They were evaluated by the same buffoon that gave these a $65 value.

  • Further proof that there is no god.

  • If I were homosexual, I'd feel misled and offended by the purchase of "$10 man buns".

  • GeneralDisorder


  • Chaz Gomez

    Any "man" that desires this or any kind of man bun needs to be slapped for a week by my 85 year old mother... with her ring on... facing inwards... then sent to bed without getting her famous apple crumble for dessert...

  • Nico Horst


  • Jai Mico

    Instant hipster douche

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