So, It's Come To This (And I Want Out): Clip-In Man Buns

November 11, 2015


Groupon (of all places) is selling these clip-in man buns for men who want hair buns but don't have the hair or know-how. They're allegedly a $65 value (AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA) but only $10 if you act now. Over 5,000 have already been bought, presumably as gag gifts or I don't want to live on this planet anymore. Just kidding, I bought one. Well -- what do you think? "Maybe not on your penis." It's too late I already glued it.

Keep going for two more shots in case you were wondering just how ridiculous a person can look.



Thanks to Gabby, who agrees the only cool kind of man buns are the kind Tina Belcher likes.

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