Skydiver Strapped Into Living Room Set Plays Video Games While Freefalling

November 16, 2015


This is an NVIDEA SHIELD gaming system commercial featuring professional skydiver Jeff Provenzano strapped into a living room set and allegedly playing video games while freefalling. I believe the stunt is real, although I don't know if he was actually playing games. You ever had a dream you were freefalling? I have them all the time. Usually I wake up on the floor although one time I dreamed I was falling through a rain cloud and woke up in the shower which reminds me I need to stop falling asleep in the shower.

Hit the jump for the video then go yell FAKE in the comments if that makes you feel good.

Thanks to Palvo, who has an irrational fear of waking up and realizing he's freefalling out of a plane with no parachute.

  • It's the cat I feel sorry for.

  • Bling Nye

    I only watched it up until 1:37, when he died.

    Good way to end that commercial.

  • 大川 JMizu

    Lmaoooooooo why do I read these comments when im stoned... that was great

  • GeneralDisorder

    Is it because you're always stoned because that was me when I used to smoke.

  • 大川 JMizu

    yes... yes it is lol

  • TheQiwiMan


  • Mark

    I don't think it's fake but I do think it's absolutely fucking stupid!

  • GeneralDisorder

    Well, there's no way you'd have enough time to load one video game then load another and watch bits of movies during freefall.

    Felix Baumgartner was in free fall for 9 minutes. He also completed the highest jump, longest freefall, broke the sound barrier (well, he didn't break the relative sound barrier but exceeded speed of sound at earth's surface).

  • Rorison Meadows

    So that's where my living room set ended up. Fucking thieves.

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