Say It Ain't So: Golden Girl Faced Granny Underwears

November 30, 2015


This is the custom made Golden Girl underwear set available from Etsy Seller Bulletsandbees. $160 gets all four old ladies, or you can buy them individually for $40 - $52 apiece. The Blanche ones are the most expensive though because they're fancy yellow lace and CROTCHLESS. Honestly, all this talk of Golden Girls and underwear has left me feeling a little uneasy. I'd have to say of all the things I'd hope to see when a girl takes her pants off, a Golden Girl is right up there with my own high school yearbook photo (the one with braces and my eyes closed).

Keep going for a couple more shots in case you're on of those people who likes looking at old lady underwear.



Thanks to Carolyn, who's holding out for a hip line of Sex In The City character underwear. I'm holding out for Rosanne.

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