Real Products That Exist: The Death Star Waffle Maker

November 4, 2015


This is the $40 Death Star Waffle Maker available from ThinkGeek. It makes a single 7-inch Death Star waffle at a time. Now, by a show of hands -- who likes pancakes more than waffles? Now everybody look around. The people with their hands up clearly don't appreciate syrup the way that they should. Or they didn't understand the question. Or maybe they're just stretching. Or -- OR -- maybe they wanted to ask ME a question. Do any of you with your hands up have your hand up because you wanted to ask ME a question? Yes -- you sir, with the Ninja Turtles shirt. "Can I go to the bathroom?" Absolutely. But only in your pants. Do it now so we can all make fun of you.

Keep going for one more shot in case you couldn't tell if that's a moon or not. SPOILER: It's not. It's a waffle with blackberries.


Thanks to Marissa, who misses the waffle making station at the cafeteria in college. Trust me -- you're not the only one.

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