NYC Subway Rat Takes Selfie With Sleeping Guy's Phone

November 24, 2015


This is the photo (video of the incident below) that a New York City subway rat allegedly took after climbing on a sleeping man's lap and activating his phone's camera. Clearly, Master Splinter is vainer than he would have you believe. 'I wanted to sext April but Michelangelo broke my phone' I imagine him trying to explain before realizing absolutely any other explanation would have been way less disturbing.

Keep going for a video of the guy doing the holy shit there's a rat on my lap dance, then call the whole thing fake in the comments.

Thanks to Luc, who always keeps a piece of pizza in his pocket to make rat friends when he's riding the subway.

  • ShartInYourJacuzzi

    Fuck rats
    Fuck subways

  • archer923

    At no point in the video is the screen on. So for the rat to trigger the camera. It has to get threw the passcode screen. Or swiping up. And then hitting the camera button. Unless the guy has his phone set to stay on, while idle. This is fake.

    Also, how convenient, when the camera zooms in, the guy wakes up and freaks. The photo also appears to have a flash go on. Which is impossible from the front. Also, I don't see the train stations ceiling at all.

  • Jamie Askin

    There is a setting you can have so your phone will take a photo when the wrong passcode is entered, so all the rat would need to do is just walk along the phone in the right place and it would be taken.
    Also, there are a lot of lights in there so no, the flash wouldn't need to have been activated. You really don't know about phones dude...

  • archer923

    And you're assuming too much. You need to swipe left for the passcode screen to come up. Were is the light under the mouse coming from, if it's not the flash. There's too many varibles for this mouse to pull this off. And you're still ignoring my comment the screen wasn't on in the video. This rat photo wasn't taken at the same time.

  • Jamie Askin

    Ha. I used to have 5 pet rats, it's definitely possibly. Since when does it matter if the photo was taken at the same time as the video? Sorry if there are too many garaibles for you to think about, I know it can be hard

  • Bling Nye

    Gonna go with "fake" on this one.

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