No More Free Candy: Giant Car Grinder Eats A Whole Van

November 9, 2015


This is a video of a car grinder eating a bunch of vehicles, including a whole free candy van. Although I assume the cars had their engines and transmissions removed first (although these grinders are perfectly capable of eating those too). I liked how it has a special upside-down magnetic belt to separate metal scrap from the rest. I thought that was pretty clever. Now throw a humanoid robot in there and we'll conduct an experiment to see if people feel empathy for it as it's ripped to pieces. SPOILER: I will not. I will cheer and throw candy like I'm on a parade float.

Keep going for the enemy body disposal unit of my dreams.

Thanks to Bronzey, who agrees you should be able to rent these things by the hour for when you just want to destroy everything in your apartment instead of moving it all. Just park it outside my balcony and I'll throw everything over the railing.

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