New James Bond Film Sets World Record For Largest Explosion In Movie History

November 10, 2015


Spectre, the newest James Bond film, was awarded the Guinness World Record for largest explosion in a film, thanks to this doozy shot in Morocco. I wish I could have been there to smell it. The explosion used 33kg (~72-pounds) of explosives to ignite some 8,418 liters (~2,224 gallons) of fuel. I watched it, and it did look big, I'm just surprised it's the biggest. I feel like I've seen bigger. "That's what she said." That's what who said? "Your girlfriend." What? Did she call when on I was away on the shitter? What did she say? Did she say what she wants for me to pick up for dinner tonight? "Just forget it." THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT, NEEDLEPEEN.

Keep going for a video of the set-up and explosion.

Thanks to Rabbitz, who just wants some f***ing Trix. Those greedy kids, man.

  • Just_Sam

    James Bond vs Global Warming Loons is the sequel to this movie. Where the global warming/climate change fools try to shut down his movies as the abundant waste of fuel is causing the earths temperature to rise.

  • MrJamsterJ

    Go on... Take my upvote.

  • Jenness

    OMG this is a brilliant post.

  • autoceptor

    Paging Michael Bay.

  • archer923

    Bay do a real explosion, please. He just does CGI porn.

  • autoceptor

    Well, not to be a Bay defender, but that's not true. He's known for his giant, practical explosions. Hence, me calling him out when he's apparently been outdone.

  • Ken

    They had to keep reminding the camera guy to keep the lens trained on the fire, not on the smokin' hot profile right in front of him.

  • TheQiwiMan

    I agree, Daniel Craig makes me so WET.

  • Jenness

    That looks pretty underwhelming shot this way and kind of ruins it. Plus, I wonder what they would have done if Daniel Craig accidentally farted or moved? Blow it up again or just edit it? I am curious about that since it seemed like it was important that he and the actress be totally still and unimpressed

  • GeneralDisorder

    That was my first thought about this. What if either of the actors in the shot vomits, says something stupid, makes a weird face, etc? That would be a damned expensive retake.

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