New James Bond Film Sets World Record For Largest Explosion In Movie History

November 10, 2015


Spectre, the newest James Bond film, was awarded the Guinness World Record for largest explosion in a film, thanks to this doozy shot in Morocco. I wish I could have been there to smell it. The explosion used 33kg (~72-pounds) of explosives to ignite some 8,418 liters (~2,224 gallons) of fuel. I watched it, and it did look big, I'm just surprised it's the biggest. I feel like I've seen bigger. "That's what she said." That's what who said? "Your girlfriend." What? Did she call when on I was away on the shitter? What did she say? Did she say what she wants for me to pick up for dinner tonight? "Just forget it." THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT, NEEDLEPEEN.

Keep going for a video of the set-up and explosion.

Thanks to Rabbitz, who just wants some f***ing Trix. Those greedy kids, man.

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