Nestle Japan Releasing Gold-Leaf Covered Kit-Kat Bars

November 17, 2015


Because Japan loves Kit-Kat bars almost as much as I love dive bars, Nestle Japan is going to release a limited edition of gold-leaf covered Kit-Kats in January. The 500 bars will be sold exclusively at Nestle's Kit-Kat specialty store Chocolatory (which is a real thing that exists), and cost around $17. That seems a little expensive for a piece of candy, although I've never had a piece of candy covered in gold before. I have had a piece of candy covered in hair though, because I was not about to let that pink Starburst go to waste just because I dropped it at the dog groomer's.

Thanks to vishal, who's holding out for a platinum covered Snickers.

  • dougfunnay

    consider it an investment
    today its just an ordinary $17 piece of candy covered in $0.30 of gold leaf
    but someday its going to be an ordinary piece of candy covered in $0.33 of gold leaf

    you gotta think on your feet and plan ahead
    you dont get rich grinding away day in and day out
    this is how its done!

    instead of working for your money you let your money work for you

  • For rich people who want to cachu gold nuggets.

  • Bling Nye


    I'll say it...


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